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Ontdek alles over insecten als voedingsbron


Industrie Nieuws


Task Force Novel Food started 8th of November 2016 – IPIFF


IPIFF has done a tremendous work in the past few months in terms of advocacy and discussion with different EU Institutions. The EU is clearly moving towards an opening of the aquafeed sector for insect meal.

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5 Novel pet food proteins from human trends


Pet food consumers increasingly make purchases based on the nutritional, environmental and ethical aspects of dog and cat food, wrote David Sprinkle, research director at Packaged Facts, in Petfood Industry. Five protein sources in particular have grown in popularity for both pet and human meals, especially in the natural food channel.

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De productie van insecten genereert vrijwel geen broeikasgassen


CO2-waarden blijven wereldwijd stijgen. De concentratie kooldioxidegas in de atmosfeer is in 2015 voor het eerst in de hele wereld boven de vierhonderd deeltjes per miljoen gestegen.

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Do insects feel pain?


The last two questions we tackled revolved around the cognitive abilities (communication, and personality) of arthropods, specifically insects and spiders. These are really tough questions to tackle because a lot of people, even (especially?) those who genuinely like insects and spiders, want to humanize them as a way to identify with them.

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Victoria restaurants putting bugs on the menu


Crickets, cricket flour, and meal worms: it’s what’s for dinner! At least, that’s the case at six Victoria restaurants this weekend. They’ve decided to help promote the release of a new documentary titled “Bugs on the Menu”.

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Victoria restaurants putting bugs on the menu

What’s nutritious and packed with protein? Edible insects


Insects form part of the diet of at least two billion people around the world. While 1,900 species have reportedly been used as food, not many are being consumed by average Canadians — yet.

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Edible Insects

Insecten eten: “Hey, het is eigenlijk best wel lekker”


Insecten en eten, een combinatie die in Nederland nog niet helemaal ‘normaal’ word gevonden. Patrick en Anne-Marie willen dit meer onder de aandacht brengen en kwamen met een innovatief nieuw idee: BUGZZ! BUGZZ maakt van burgers of bitterballen een lekkere en smaakvolle beleving, met als ingrediënt insecten!

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High Nutrition Bar from Lesser Mealworms (buffalo worms)! Great Taste!


This tasty energy bar made from lesser mealworms, combines them with a little caramel and sesame-seed. It’s not just a great taste but also provides your body with all-natural and healthy energy!

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Bug Break Lesser Mealworm

High Protein products – good for weight loss and improved sleep


Consuming a high-diet protein while dieting may improve sleep in overweight and obese adults, according to a new research. Particpants were placed on a high-protein diet that varied from beef, pork, soy, legumes and milk protein.

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High Protein Diet

Edible insects: coming to a manufacturer near you


Edible insects are set for mainstream manufacturing success, as their US popularity is repeated on this side of the Atlantic, according to speakers at Food Manufacture’s innovation conference – New Frontiers in Food and Drink.

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Insects – perfect fit in a Paleo Diet!


If you’re really going to follow a paleo diet, you ought to be eating bugs, “lots and lots of bugs,” Daniella Martin argues in “Edible.” The diet, after all, suggests we should eat more like early hunter-gatherers did, and what could be easier to hunt and gather than bugs? (Martin uses the term “bugs” interchangeably with “insects” to refer to “terrestrial invertebrates.”)

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Grasshopper Tacos

NAS Wants You to Eat Crickets to Get Ripped


Looking to get swoll? Nas thinks you should use cricket flour to get there. Bloomberg reports that the New York-based rapper has invested in Exo, a cricket protein bar company. The brand announced it raked in a four-million dollar round of Series A funding on Monday to bring the idea of cricket protein bars to the masses. By grinding up the insects into a flour, Exo hopes to branch out beyond the protein bar market and dive into the world of protein powders and shakes to provide customers with multiple ways to stay yolked.

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Cooking mealworms: Different diet, different flavor?


There are a lot of different delicious products offering seasoned mealworms available now… Mealworms spiced with curry, garlic & herbs, barbecue are all delicious… But what about changing their diet and see if the taste is different? We know that diet has an impact on the nutritional values but let’s give a try and see if there any difference if you feed mealworms with different diets.

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Linger Introduces Cricket Tacos to Dinner Menu


Use the phrase "alternative protein," and most people think turkey instead of chicken. But at Edible Beats, the culinary team has been introducing yak, ostrich, goat, tempeh and other sources outside the beef-pork-poultry canon. But there's one protein that's still shunned by the vast majority of Americans: the kind that comes with six legs and antennae.

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Start-up maakt duurzame diesel van vette vliegenmaden


De Britse start-up Entomics zet de larven van de zwarte soldatenvlieg in om voedselafval om te zetten in waardevolle grondstoffen. Shell en Sainsbury’s behoren tot de partners. Entomics, een spin-off van de University of Cambridge, produceert biobrandstof uit voedselresten.

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Edible Bugs Are Changing Lives in Ghana


They look like tiny sausages stuffed in crescent rolls, yet it’s safe to say many Westerners would turn their nose up at a plate of Ghanaian akokono, or palm weevil larvae. However, for farmers in Ghana, the worm-like insects are becoming both a tasty source of protein and a way of life.

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Authentic high-quality noodles enriched with insect protein


Authentic noodles enriched with sustainable insect protein offer outstanding nutritional value, texture and taste. High-protein foods are becoming increasingly popular and valued, as they could have positive effects on, for example, bone and muscle health. As animal proteins become ever more scarce, Van der Moolen Food began looking to enrich their noodles with a more-sustainable type of protein: they chose protein from insects.

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Insectenolie als duurzame bron van omega-3


Insectenolie is een mogelijke nieuwe bron van omega-3-vetzuren, volgens onderzoekers van de Universiteit van Wageningen, die onderzoeken welke insecten er het beste voor de olie gebruikt kunnen worden en welke voeding het meest optimaal is voor deze insecten. Insecten maken van nature vetzuren aan en kunnen leven van organisch afval.

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All About Feed Photo Report


View this exiting photo report on Kreca and gain insight into our unique insect breeding company and some of the developments over the years!

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10 reasons why we should eat insects


A new BBC Four documentary sees presenter Stefan Gates trying to discover whether eating insects could save the world. Helena Goodrich gives ten reasons why this might just be true.

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